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We serve businesses and individuals in Indiana and Michigan in the areas of Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Law, Bankruptcy, Family Law and Real Estate.


When it comes to estate planning, a will comes to mind first for most people. A will is a written document that specifies how an individual wants their property to be distributed when they die and names a personal representative to carry out those instructions. If a will is valid according to the state where it is signed, it will be recognized as valid in the state where it is probated (link to probate services page).

Your will is a critical piece of the estate-planning process. It ensures the correct transfer of probate assets, especially if you want to do that differently than the default law. This might look like making specific gifts to individuals or charities, nominating a guardian for minor children, or transferring property into trusts that weren’t placed in one during your life.

Even though it might be tempting to use a free or inexpensive online form for your will, there is truly no adequate substitute for an experienced legal professional. Having an expert at your side will ensure your will is error-free and actually places assets where you want them. We can help you monitor the way your assets are owned, create joint ownerships, designate beneficiaries, and use a trust in sensible ways so that when the time for probate and the like does come, your loved ones will be ready. Take it from the lawyers who’ve been drafting wills for decades: give us a call for all of your will-writing needs.