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We serve businesses and individuals in Indiana and Michigan in the areas of Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Law, Bankruptcy, Family Law and Real Estate.

Real Estate


Every rental and tenancy situation needs a lease agreement, whether commercial or residential. Your lease will cover each parties’ responsibilities to each other and the rules that dictate the rental relationship. It should include items like how long the tenancy lasts, the rental fee due each month, occupancy limits, how maintenance and repairs will be handled, whether pets are allowed, and other items like deposits and fees.

Just like any other contract, your lease must be written properly for it to cover all the bases. And all of the free or near-free online lease templates—claiming to encompass everything you need in a lease agreement—may sound tempting to save a few bucks. But these seldom do what you need them to, because what does your cheap lease really cost you when you realize that it’s missing a critical clause? Or doesn’t comply with local and state law? Or doesn’t give you a proper remedy when the other party violates it? The short answer? No one-size-fits-all solution is going to cut it.

Each tenancy situation is different and requires a unique contract to be successful. That’s why every single lease agreement we write is tailor-made to your situation, location, property, and other distinct needs. No matter what you throw our way, our real-estate lawyers will be able to craft a lease to your specifications. That’s what you’ll get when you turn to the folks who’ve written hundreds of leases over the years.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to explain and simplify, meaning that you’ll not only get what you need in a lease, but you’ll understand it, too. And if an issue does arise, we’ll be here to advocate for you at every turn. So give us a call to find out how we can streamline the leasing process for you.

Land Use & Zoning

You’ve just acquired some prime real estate, and you want to build a new commercial office space on it. Or maybe you want to develop an apartment complex. Or perhaps you want to add an addition to an existing facility. But bad news… your city’s zoning ordinances won’t allow for the structural expansion you wish to make or the new building you want to construct.

The absolute last thing you want when developing a new property or adding to the existing one is to guess what local ordinances dictate or what a public hearing process will determine and then not have it turn out in your favor. The best course of action is to find out what you’ll need before you build or even purchase, like a permit or approval through a public hearing.

If you’re a developer or builder, we’ll work with your surveyor, architect, lender, and title company to ensure a smooth process that complies with local ordinances. If you’re an owner, we’re here to help you navigate rezoning, variances, or any other permitting required. Our real-estate lawyers will even be here for you if you’re a neighbor to a development project that you object to.

Our experience handling land use and zoning cases from all angles means that you’ll get the robust approach our clients have benefitted from for over a century. We’ll make everything easier so that you can focus on all the other vital aspects of your project. Call us to find out how!


Are you thinking about buying or selling undeveloped land, an existing building, office complex, or shopping center? What about negotiating a business or residential lease? Are you forming a real-estate partnership? Or maybe you’re looking into something on the residential side, like buying or selling a home?

Buying or selling a commercial or residential property is an intricate process involving builders, contractors, buyers, sellers, and sometimes landlords and tenants. So how do you successfully navigate the winding road of commercial and residential transactions? The best way is to turn to a reliable and experienced real-estate lawyer.

With over a century of experience in the field, we’ll be there to support you at every turn. And our lawyers’ diverse real-estate experience means we can evaluate your case from every angle to get you to the best solution, including litigation if you run into issues with other parties to the transaction. We’ve got you covered. Find out how you can put our robust experience to work for you by giving us a call!