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Pre Nuptial Agreements

Are you getting married? Congratulations! We wish you and your future spouse the happily-ever-after you’ve always hoped for. But even though you’re planning a wedding, you might have some concerns. Perhaps you’ve experienced the stress and uncertainty of a previous divorce or witnessed a loved one go through a tough break-up. If so, you might be wondering about a prenuptial agreement.

Sometimes called antenuptial agreements, these are contracts couples sign before they wed. The contracts typically list all the property each person owns, their debts, and they specify what each person’s property rights will be after they tie the knot. Or have to untie it.

But how do you know if this is right for you? There are several considerations. Do either of you have children from a previous marriage? Does one of them have special needs? Are one or both partners bringing significant wealth—like a family business or a house—into the union? What about substantial assets you want to protect from your spouse’s creditors? Or what if you want to avoid lengthy delays and hefty legal bills if the marriage fails?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, a prenuptial agreement may be a good idea. It can be an uncomfortable subject, but it’s even more so if you wait until the last minute. Our family-law attorneys can help mitigate the potential relational discomfort with professional and straightforward legal advice. Plus, our decades of experience writing prenuptial contracts means that we’ll make sure every base is covered so that if that unfortunate situation does occur, you’re protected. Contact us to put our experienced family-law lawyers to work for you.