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We serve businesses and individuals in Indiana and Michigan in the areas of Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Law, Bankruptcy, Family Law and Real Estate.

Powers of Attorney

What would happen to your finances if you were suddenly incapacitated? Who would make medical decisions? Pay bills? That’s where a power of attorney may be helpful. A power of attorney is a written authorization for another person, called the attorney-in-fact, to act on your behalf in business matters, private matters, or other legal situations.

There are many different kinds of powers you may grant and various restrictions you can place to limit the attorney-in-fact’s authority. But within those limitations, the attorney-in-fact has the authority to do whatever you could do, like file tax returns, pay bills, or even give financial gifts to benefactors.

Selecting the individual to serve as your attorney-in-fact is an important decision—as is outlining the limitations on their authority. With decades of experience, our knowledgeable lawyers can help you traverse this complex aspect of estate planning. We will be with you at every turn to help you establish a power of attorney and make sure all of your desires are met.