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A child’s paternity has many important considerations. Paternity law deals with the legal relationship between a father and a child, including the rights and obligations of both the man and the child to each other and others. Paternity may be relevant to issues of legitimacy, inheritance, rights to an assumed father’s title or surname, and the biological father’s rights to custody and obligations for child support.

If a child’s paternity is disputed, a court may determine paternity between one or more possible fathers (called putative fathers), typically based initially upon sworn statements and then upon testimony or other evidence. These situations are emotionally and relationally taxing for everyone involved. That’s why you need a trusted family-law lawyer on your side.

At Jones Obenchain, we’ve been handling such family-law matters for over a century. That depth of experience means that we have the know-how to get you through this challenging process. We’ll walk with you through every step to ensure the best outcome for you and, most importantly, your child. Give us a call to find out how we can help you navigate this tricky situation.