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A foreclosure occurs when a lender takes a mortgaged property from borrowers who fail to keep up on their mortgage payments. The foreclosure process usually begins when a borrower falls behind on mortgage payments and are in default. The conditions for defaulting vary based on state law and the terms in mortgage agreements. Once a borrower defaults, late fees, legal fees, and other charges accumulate and are added to the outstanding debt. And the interest rate may go up.

Facing foreclosure can be a difficult and emotionally taxing process. But lenders don’t always foreclose on mortgages that are in default. They can negotiate with borrowers. They might agree to adjust the terms of the mortgage, refinance the debt, permit the borrower to sell the property, or allow him or her to make up for missed payments.

At Jones Obenchain, we have a wealth of experience helping lenders foreclose and helping borrowers who are facing these difficult situations. We’ll help you determine what the right move is, whether to negotiate a solution, cut your losses, or something in between. Put our know-how to work for you.