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We serve businesses and individuals in Indiana and Michigan in the areas of Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Law, Bankruptcy, Family Law and Real Estate.

Healthcare Directives

Eventually, life comes to a close for all of us. And part of the estate-planning process is to document your healthcare desires if you develop a terminal condition or are at some point unable to advocate for your own healthcare. Healthcare directives may include everything from whether you wish to be resuscitated to the use of life support if death is imminent.

Whether your concerns include those already mentioned or if you have other worries, we’ll help you approach each facet of your healthcare directive with a big-picture perspective while also paying attention to your precise needs.

We know that these are difficult and emotionally draining issues to process. But considering these questions beforehand will save you and your family time and avoid some emotional distress later on. With caring hearts and years of experience creating healthcare directives, we’re here to advise you about your legal healthcare options whenever you’re ready.