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Guardians have the legal authority—and obligation—to care for and protect another’s personal interests, property interests, or both. A guardian acts on behalf of a ward. The ward could be anyone from an incapacitated senior to a developmentally disabled adult to a minor.

Since guardians are fiduciaries—a person who holds a legal and ethical relationship of trust with another party—they are held to a very high standard of care in exercising their powers. This responsibility should not be taken lightly. And whether establishing a guardianship is proactive or reactive, counsel from an experienced guardianship lawyer is essential.

We’ve helped many clients just like you either establish a guardianship or leave instructions for your own guardian should you become incapacitated. To protect both the ward and the guardian, this process must be done correctly. We’re here to assist you with your guardianship needs to make sure it gets done the right way. Contact us to find out how you can put our knowledge to work for you.