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Few things in life are both as challenging and rewarding as raising children. And few areas of the law are as delicate—and emotionally charged—as child-custody disputes. Questions about child custody and everything that entails (like parenting-time rights, child support, grandparent visitation, tax consequences, etc.) arise in a variety of contexts including divorce, paternity, guardianship, and even estate planning.

While courts consider a variety of factors when deciding custody issues, ultimately the court’s focus is on the child’s best interests. And that’s our focus, too. We’ve helped clients navigate child-custody concerns in all arenas, always keeping in mind that children need and deserve as much protection as the legal system can offer.

Our experience helping families like yours means that we’ll provide the best advice for you, and most importantly for your children. We’ll be there if the dispute heats up, but ultimately, our goal is to help parents peacefully handle this transition. We know that each family’s situation is different, so give us a call to share your particular child-custody concerns so we can help you address your children’s unique needs.