Administrative Law

Administrative law deals with federal, state, and local-government agencies, boards, and commissions. Prominent examples include:

-Consumer Product Safety Commission, which enforces federal safety standards;
-Environmental Protection Agency, which establishes and enforces pollution standards (Indiana’s state equivalent is known as IDEM);
-Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which administers and enforces Title VIII or the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Indiana has a state equivalent called the Indiana Civil Rights Commission);
-National Labor Relations Board, which prevents or corrects unfair labor practices by employers and unions; and
-Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which develops and enforces federal standards and regulations ensuring working conditions (Indiana’s equivalent is IOSHA).

Other examples are the IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Most of these agencies have their own websites, with helpful information about laws, regulations, procedures, forms, and help lines. You can find Indiana agencies here:

While administrative agencies exist to defend the public interest and follow and enforce the laws and regulations applicable to them, that doesn’t always happen—at least not without legal representation. Contact Jones Obenchain if you need assistance with an administrative agency or procedure.