Meet Our JO Team

Mark Phillipoff graduated from the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana University School of Law. He was a deputy prosecuting attorney and an associate at a southern Indiana law firm before returning to his hometown, South Bend, and joining Jones Obenchain in 1983. Mark’s practice includes mediation, general trial work, family law, estate planning, probate, and real-estate law. In 2007, Mark trained to become a collaborative family-law lawyer and joined the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Get to know Mark and the ways he can serve you, your family, or your business by visiting

National Walk To Work Day

Today is National Walk To Work Day. First celebrated on April 2, 2004, National Walk To Work Day was instituted by former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy G. Thompson, in response to the increase of sedentary lifestyles and the rise in obesity in our country.

On this day, Americans are encouraged to walk to work. In this time of stay-in-place orders, walking to work is not a realistic option for many. While we may not be able to walk to work today, health officials around the country say that 30 minutes of walking per day will improve your health and can even provide a quick pick-me-up. So besides the physical benefits walking provides—such as lowering weigh and chance of heart disease—there are also emotional and mental benefits.

Brighten your day and lift your spirits…take a walk!

March Against Hunger – Thank-You!

The attorneys and staff of Jones Obenchain, LLP thank all those who donated to the annual March Against Hunger. Your donation makes a difference – since 2009, the March Against Hunger food drive has generated 70,982 pounds of food and $428,338.21 in monetary donations. All donations collected by Jones Obenchain benefited the Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

If you would still like to donate you can do so by visiting to donate today Note: When donating online, please be sure to include the firm’s name and city in the “donor comment” field

Thanks again for your generosity.

JO Knows Contracts

Contracts are legally binding promises…assuming they’re properly written. The law requires certain basic elements—mutual agreement on all essential terms, an exchange of something of value, legal age, and mental competence—and the parties supply the details. Like exactly what each of them is required or permitted to do, and what happens if one of them fails to perform.

Common types of contracts include:

– Real-estate purchase agreements (these must be in writing)
– Leases (See Landlord/Tenant)
– Employee/Partner Non-Compete Agreements
– Business Buy-Sell Agreements
– Accepted Purchase Orders
– Marriage Prenuptial Agreements

Leave something out or get careless with the wording and you end up in court, arguing about what you meant and what you’re entitled to and hoping the judge agrees. Cut-and-paste, do-it-yourself contracts from a free internet site are free for a reason.

One solution? Get professional help drafting your agreement. We can give you that.

JO In Knows Entity Formation

An “S” corporation or a “C” corporation? A limited-liability company (LLC)? A partnership or limited partnership? You probably need to use one of these types of entities for your business, but which one and how do you set it up correctly?

These are important questions and the answers aren’t the same for everyone. And once that choice is made some very important issues must be addressed:

-If there is more than one owner, what are their respective ownership, profit-sharing, and voting rights?

-How are disputes between them solved?

-What if one of them wants to quit, bring in their spouse or child? Or dies?

-How is the value of their interest determined?

Again, the answers aren’t the same for everyone. Don’t make the mistake of using the same buy-sell agreement, shareholder agreement, LLC Operating Agreement, or partnership agreement that someone else did without making sure that all of these issues—and there are probably others—are properly considered for you own unique situation.

The work doesn’t stop there. Do you need a lease? Employment contracts or a policy manual? Licenses? Referral to an accountant for tax or payroll advice?

Tax Season Is Here

As March begins the April 15th tax-filing deadline looms large. Many Americans rely on others to prepare and file their taxes for them. A recent 2020 Tax Tip from the IRS lays out some helpful guidelines to allow those looking for a tax preparer to make a more informed decision when making that choice. To learn more see:

JO In Action – Amanda Zaluckyj

Jones Obenchain senior associate, Amanda Zuluckyj is a member of the 46th South Bend/Mishawaka Leadership Class. Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka has educated program participants throughout St. Joseph County, Indiana, since 1974. Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka is Indiana’s oldest community leadership development program. “Leadership has been such an amazing opportunity to really become familiar with the South Bend/Mishawaka community,” Amanda said about her experience. “The other students in my class are from a diverse cross-section of organizations, including the private sector, government, and non-profits. So getting to know each of them has also been interesting and rewarding.”

JO Knows Agriculture Law

Jones Obenchain attorneys can provide many useful and valuable tools to run a sophisticated, 21st-century-farm operation. We protect your assets by forming and managing business entities and reviewing insurance coverage. We help you run your business by drafting farmland-lease agreements, assisting with regulatory compliance, and reviewing routine contracts. We can also help resolve disputes when they crop up (pun intended). And on a more personal level, we can help you create and execute an estate plan that continues your farming family’s legacy.

2020 March Against Hunger

Jones Obenchain is once again participating in the Annual March Against Hunger. The MAH is a friendly food-drive competition which runs March 1–31 to raise donations for Indiana’s 11 regional food banks. The competition is an opportunity for attorneys statewide to help put food on the tables of those struggling in our state. Donations collected by Jones Obenchain will benefit the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. Visit. donate today Note: When donating online, please be sure to include the firm’s name and city in the “donor comment” field